Hybrid Ordering Solution – Supplier / Customer Collaboration


Supplier / Customer Collaboration

H2O is a cutting edge B2B eCommerce portal that is built to fully integrate with SAP ERP. Hybrid Ordering System is a modular solution that is fully customizable to the dynamic needs of your business.

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H2O stands as a Hybrid Ordering System, B2B e-Commerce portal designed for seamless integration with SAP ERP systems. The Hybrid Ordering System offers a modular and highly adaptable solution tailored to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of your business. Its full customization capability ensures dynamic alignment with your business requirements.



H2O simplifies various operational processes such as 

It’s user-friendly interface and functionalities facilitate seamless implementation across these diverse processes.

Data Management

Personalized Product Catalog

Customize your catalog for your customers needs. From rich content to personalized product catalog, H2O has it all.

Master Data

Master Data to manage all your data lists under one umberella. Manage your master data in one place.

Approval Hierarchy

Customizable to your business flow, add approval hierarchy to process orders and planning.

Add User/User List

Admin panel feature to add/edit/remove users according to their workflow functions. Admin can authorize feature access as per user function.

Order Management

Online Order Entry

Easy to use interface for your customers to browse items and place online orders.

Order History

View all past orders for easy tracking and planning.

Order Status & Tracking

Check the status of orders from multiple-channels and real-time tracking for improved efficiency of business processes.

Grid/Bulk Order

Set bulk order template for easy, one-time order placing of all required stock items.

Inventory Management

Goods Receipt

Identify and confirm incoming stocks using goods receive feature. GR Dashboard to view all orders.

Goods Issue

Improved convenience for suppliers to keep track of goods issue in one place.

Stock Entry

Keep your entire business ecosystem up-to-date by updating of stock items in real-time.

Replenishment Planning

Set planning parameters to monitor stock and plan reorders and replenishments.

Complete Ecosystem

Built using SAP Business Rules

H2O is built using SAP Business Rules for use with SAP ERP. Leverage your business capabilities with the features offered.

Designed for use with SAP S/4HANA® & ECC

H2O is compatible with SAP S/4HANA platform. Explore extended functionalities of your ERP.

Analytics & Reports

Data is key to streamlining your business goals. With analytics & reports from H2O dashboard, enhance your opportunities.

Invoice & Payment

H2O can be integrated with a POS for a complete end-to-end business experience.